CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE 31 October 2018


So, Nigel Farage has now decided to leave ukip which I must say is sad as he was the reason why I joined and for me the only politician that has so far impressed me and having complete loss of faith in main stream parties.

He did a great job in getting us to Brexit, and a great man and I wish him well. I also agree with others I feel he left in spirit some time ago.

Being a former Rifleman in the Green Jackets our Regiment now the Rifles are often asked why we do not toast our Majesty? When other regiments.? do. This goes back to the Napoleonic wars and the answer dear friend is the following, [Because our Loyalty has never been in question].

This is how I feel with our current leader and this party.

Being in the military from the young age of sixteen I have seen both good leadership and bad leadership and can say being a leader is not easy no matter what position you are in. People make mistakes and in war mistakes can indeed cost lives.

But also, being a soldier, you have comradeship, this sadly seems a quality lost both in this country and at times within this party, which is believe the only party which can save this country.

So, I urge the members to stop infighting because the ukip which we all serve should now be the strongest than it has ever been and can only be with your support and your loyalty.

Put an end to bickering and the dragging of heels and Gnashing of teeth.!

I came to ukip not for political ambition fame and fortune I came because I care about my country and this party is the only party which cares.

This is a political war and in war there will be casualties on both sides that’s true, we already see the dirty tricks being played labelling us racist etc and the enemy will throw everything at us because it is us that they fear.

We need to focus and unite for the common goal.!



For as long as there shall be but one hundred of us remaining alive in this party we will never give consent to subject ourselves to the domination of Europe or be subject to those that wish our people and our children harm.

For it is not glory it is not riches of honours, but it is with liberty alone that we fight and contend for, which no honest man will lose but with his life.

That’s All.

Celer Et Audax

5 thoughts on “CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE 31 October 2018

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  1. The White Poppy is nothing more than greedy political opportunism from the left, and on this centenary of Remembrance Day, we must challenge the white poppy to defend the true meaning of remembrance.

    Stand fast remain tall and be proud of this country and its servicemen and woman then and today and always.

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    1. Everybody wants peace. You don’t need to wear a white poppy to show this. You wear a red poppy to thank those willing to ensure that you have that peace.


    1. I understand the significance of white poppies but they should have used a different type of symbol because it detracts away from the message of the red poppies and becomes an insult to our heroes. In addition fair comment about comrade Corbyn. Thank you for writing.


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