The Death of Free Speech and Democracy

Dear Friends

In October I was made your Branch Chairman.  I can honestly say that it was a great honour and I am really looking forward to our ‘Spring Offensive’ to restore the democratic rights and freedoms to the people of Devizes.

I am totally committed to Brexit, but in my heart, I have always had reservations.  Even if we were promised a full ‘hard’ Brexit under World Trade Organisation Rules’ or a tempting ‘bespoke deal’ akin to Canada ‘plus plus’ – the problem remains – we are led by a political establishment which shows no respect for the British Constitutional system. A system which has developed and evolved over hundreds of years since the sealing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215.

That was the beginning of true democracy in this country.  The start of a recognition that the political power base in our country must show respect to the needs of the people and not their own.

Later Cromwell was triumphant in bloody warfare in his attempt to enforce this ideology.  He stood opposed to both Charles 1 who said that he was the spokesperson and the mouth of God, the sole arbitrator for law making.  After the civil war the MPs then used power to satiate their own selfish whims.  Cromwell then cleared parliament itself using the army to do so.  He wanted to rid our country of these self-appointed demigods of reason and wisdom that lacked in virtue and moral compassion.

There are laws to this day on the statute books that demand the continued respect of the parliamentary system of government which Cromwell fought to preserve.  These include the 1689 Bill of Rights.  They enforce the decree that only Parliament has the right to make laws on behalf of the people.  The role of the monarchy is then to ratify these ‘white papers’ and enshrine them into the statute book.  The monarchy makes this decision based on whether these laws satisfy traditional values and culture of a Judeo-Christian heritage.

In 1972 the Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath challenged this directive and illegally took us into the Common Market aka European Union.  Since then all the politicians in parliament have been complicit in what amounts to treason:

The role of our Queen in validating laws within our strict interpretation of what constitutes a moral basis relative to our cultural values has been undermined.  Our laws are now being made by a foreign power and worse the politicians use them as a weapon to facilitate their own agendas.

There are many examples whereby the political establishment [in this country and abroad] now produce laws to suppress the will of the people in the UK for their own requirement so facilitating their progressive liberal ideology.  An examp[e of this being ‘The Hate Laws’ based on highly subjective interpretations of what constitutes morality.

As a qualified biologist I learned that the male of a species is anatomically and physiologically designed to be a donor of DNA whereas the female is the recipient.  Say this in the teaching profession along with concerns relating to the health risks associated with transgender realignment operations and I am now in a lot of trouble!

Other laws are deliberately ignored by the establishment when they become an inconvenience.

There is a law on the statute book that prohibits unnecessary cruelty before an animal is slaughtered in an abattoir.  And yet, if you object to the way animals are killed for Halal meat or Kosher meat, there is a good chance that you will be labelled racist.

Does not the wearing of the Burka contravene the ‘Convention on the Elimination of discrimination of Women?

These are now just inconvenient laws open to interpretation by a political establishment which has totally lost control over immigration into this country.  Better to label the indigenous population as racists at the cost of being hypocrites, then to accept the truth. Then they would be seen as weak to the voter with a problem that they do not have the strength of resolve to address.

That is why they ignore a United Nations report that says more than 70% of all immigrants travelling across Europe to the UK are economic migrants. They also ignore the Dublin 3 agreement which states that a true refugee must under international law seek refugee away from the country at conflict in the nearest safe bordering country (Italy, Greece etc).

Currently the political establishment is accusing UKIP of being racist for its association with Tommy Robinson.  They continually propagate the disingenuous assertion that the Party must be guilty of the same charge.

Perception is opinion without factual basis and or context.

Perhaps the most important book you could ever read will be:

‘The Strange Death of Europe’ by Douglas Murray

Not only does this present a robust defence of Tommy based on the facts, but it also puts the man and his actions within the context of a power struggle between a European establishment desperate to promote and indeed accelerate a programme of mass uncontrolled immigration from Africa to Europe and an indigenous population slowly realising that this must mean the liquidation of their traditional values and culture.

Tommy Robinson has become a welcome distraction for them.

Whilst screaming ‘Racist!, Facist!, don’t listen to them!!!!’ Theresa May has quietly , under the radar, signed the Marrakech Agreement.  Again, this is a flagrant betrayal of the Dublin 3 agreement and shows no respect to the differentiation between refugee and economic migrant.

According to the Dublin 3 agreement, ‘the port of entry’ and Claim at designated place in country’ for an asylum seeker fleeing from a war zone (non in Europe so this would be from Africa) would be Spain, Italy, Malta or Greece etc.  British Constitutional law outlined below should not apply to economic migrants sneaking into this country at the back of a lorry and then expecting the following system to apply.

Asylum Process in the United Kingdom – Chart

Asylum Process in the United Kingdom - Chart


How easy it is for a political party to assume they are preaching from the moral high ground by allowing anyone in who manages to evade border control.  Votes from the ‘progressive liberal left’ have been the temptation.  They have sacrificed their responsibilities to the people on the altar of political correctness.

They do not care about the law and democracy in this country.

Why should an African economic migrant refuse to apply for asylum in Italy and France in a desperate attempt to get asylum in the UK?

Just look at the honey pot!

Here’s what you can get as an asylum seeker in the U.K. Even if your application is rejected. You’ll get somewhere to live, a cash allowance or Both! You can choose Whether you want a flat, a house, a hostel or a bed & breakfast! You’ll get £37.75 per family member to pay for things like food, clothing & toiletries! Your allowance will be put on a debit card each week! And even if you’re a Failed Asylum seeker you will be given somewhere to live and £35.39 per family member on a payment card! And you may get free access to the National Health service including free prescriptions for medicine, eye tests and glasses!

Remember, once here you have the right to apply to bring your family over!!!

Here our Home Secretary admits how weak the government is when it comes to immigration control:

To facilitate this insane ideological social experiment of mass population displacement, the European establishment have come up against another problem.  They have realised that the normal rules of checking a person’s background before they become a citizen of your country must be ignored.

Did you know that the Manchester Nightclub bomber, Salma Abedi, who murdered 22 young men, women and children in May 2017, was one of these ‘refugees’?

If I were to give you one reason only to fight with UKIP to restore the soul and heart of our great country it would be this:

Do so to restore free speech back to this country.  As the establishment press hard on your neck with the jack-boot of ‘perception’ holding your face into the mud, think carefully.

Will you act like the majority?  Will you apologise to the self-motivated, self-appointed censors of morality and promise not to say anything that might possibly upset the sensibilities of the snowflake in their moment of pious angst?  Will you consent to join the millions who are willing prisoners of a fixed mindset?

Or will you grab that jack boot, push it aside, get up from the floor and stand proudly as our forefathers once did?

Then out spoke brave Horatius,  

The Captain of the gate:

“To every man upon this earth  

Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better than facing fearful odds

For the ashes of his fathers  

And the temples of his gods’’

I ask you to join me in 2019.

Face these imposers, these hypocrites pretending to stand for ‘freedom and democracy’

Stand up against them and proudly state that we are British.

We are proud to be UKIP and we want our country back!!

Mike Walker UKIP


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