To the Western Daily Press
Dear Sir,
I note that petition organised by Sky News- Make TV Election Debates happen- establish an independent Debates Commission has reached 135,455 signatures and will be debated by Parliament, months after the petition was first launched.  Whilst the petition Leave the EU with-out a deal in March 2019, has reached 306,713 signatures in a matter of weeks, yet this Government has rejected debating it with the feeble excuse of- “The deal we have reached with the EU is the right one for the United Kingdom.”
Quite apart from the fact that Parliament is by law meant to debate petitions that reach 100,000, this Government can’t get a majority of Parliamentarians to agree to this ‘deal’ nor indeed a majority of it’s own party and MPs to agree that it is the ‘right deal.’  I yearn for the days when the Government  of this country at least pretended to believe in democracy!
Readers may be interested in 30 Truths about leaving on WTO terms. published by Global Britain and Labour Leave, that debunks the Project Fear campaign against leaving the EU without a deal comprehensively.
Yours sincerely
Name and address supplied

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