North Wiltshire & Chippenham Chairman’s Message 9 April 2019


I never thought I would say it last night at our Branch Meeting, but I did.!

“I do not want to talk about Brexit”

‘Tonight, we will not talk about Brexit we will talk about our veterans’.

For we have been concentrating to long on Brexit and failing to look at more important things within our country.

I would like to take this country back in time to maybe 1940 so people could understand what its like to be part of a country who has some Balls.! And what its like to fight for the right and for the people’s rights and freedom to come and go, buy sell whatever they wish.

To be able to speak up and say what they think and how they feel without fear of reprisal for saying that thing.

Both my Grand dad and my late father fought for the rights which today are slipping buy, and I wonder how they would feel if they were alive today to see the mess this country is in and the Tomfoolery within her walls being played out every day.?

I am glad they are not alive to feel the shame that I feel.

Maggie spent just 73 days to gather an Armada to defend the Falkland’s and we achieved this.

Could we do the same today.?

It taken us over three years to get where we are, which is nowhere because of failure to achieve the mission which to any soldier is abhorrent. Failing the 17 million or so British people who took time to vote for change which the government was duty bound to deliver.

Yet I am called traitor and a fascist out in the street when I am behind a Ukip flag.?

My answer to these people is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR COUNTRY.?

We are all so busy today on trying to get what we can from our country, and we don’t think about what we can do.

We want to all be treated different, we bitch and moan, but I say ask what you have done for your country.?

Brexit is finished we need to understand this now.!

We need to take responsibility and start to make the changes, to vote for the right people for the right reasons to make the changes happen, to achieve the mission.

Responsibility that is the cross that free men must bear.

If you don’t accept it then freedom is not there.

Face the flag of red white and blue, our strength and freedoms are based on unity and were fought for while that flag flew over blood red fields marked by the graves of our heroic war dead around the world and on the European fields.

The Europe who would have you now lose your freedoms and laugh at the weakness we have shown.

Fate of a loser any loser is futile and is bare.

The fight is only just started, and we all must play a part in it.

It may not be a with guns and soldiers, but it is no less a fight.

What are you going to do for your country.?

Celer Et Audax



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