Chairman and Committee


Normally it’s an enemy who betrays you!

by Chris Prevett, former Green Jacket & Chairman of the North Wiltshire and Chippenham UKIP Branch

I never expected my government to do it which speaks volumes now.

Such is this parcel of rouges we have in this nation.

This government is mollifying Sinn Fein?

I am disgusted by the current witch hunt of my fellow brothers in arms who walked the walk on streets or in the countryside be it city or town not knowing if you were going to be the next casualty from an enemy who dared not show his face.

At 18 years old my first tour I lost my best friend and this still haunts me today and during my first tour, we lost 16 men so don’t anyone tell me it was not a war!

I went on to spend two and a half years doing may tours around the province along with many brave men and women who served their country and some gave all.

There still is no national memorial to the 1,441 British Military personnel killed during operation banner?

My head may be blooded but it is unbowed.

To you the Government I say this: I am proud to be a Rifleman as the title was earned and since that which is earned can never be taken away not from you or anyone.

I served the Queen

Hang your heads in shame.

Celer Et Audax


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