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The WordPress UKIP Website – customising and upgrading

You then see the following and log in with Username and then Password

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(2)  Once logged on you see this:  Click on my sites on the left

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(5) Now click on customize.  This is needed so that you can check that all the required configurations for the are as you want them e.g. its colour, Headings at Front of website etc.  You should see the front of your website on the right so as you make changes to it, they become apparent.  On the left you get the following up on your screen.

You are customising Salisbury UKIP Website

Need help setting up your site? (useful to select the theme for your website – this is a program which gives you the options you desire for the forthcoming customising)

  • Underneath this are the following headings. Click on each to see if the details are recorded correctly for your website.  Should you which to change these settings this will then appear on the screen shot of the website on the right.  You can always restore the original settings, so don’t worry.

If you want to keep the changes permanently on your Website, click on the icon entitled ‘Publish’ at the top left of your screen.  This will then change to Published.

  • Customizing Site Identity
  • Logo

Remove Change logo

  • Logo Size
  • Site Title e.g. Salisbury UKIP website
  • Tagline e.g. UKIP will restore respect to our country
  • Display Site Title and Tagline [tick]
  • Site Icon

Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps. Upload one here!

Site Icons should be square and at least 512 × 512 pixels.

Salisbury UKIP Website

Remove Change image

  • Footer Credit     Default com Logo A Website Blog at Powered by Hide (Business Plan Required)
  • Featured Prompt

Use this area to promote your most important message to site visitors. You can use a headline, a brief description and prominent link to help drive visitors where you’d like them to go.

  • Display on the Front Page [tick]
  • Title e.g. Proud to be British
  • Description e.g. This is the greatest country in the World.
  • Button Text e.g I am Ready
  • Button URL Link / Blog
  • Background Image

Remove Change image

  • Background Overlay Adjust the darkness of the overlay over the background image

You have a slider control here which you operate to change the image darkness of the website.

·         Contact Info

·         Customizing

Content Options

For the following content options, you need to use the theme Baskerville 2. This will enable you to produce several blogs on the front of the website.

Blog Display Choose between a full post or an excerpt for the blog and archive pages. Full post Post excerpt

  • Author Bio
  • Display on single posts [tick]
  • Post Details
  • Display date
  • Display categories
  • Display tags
  • Featured Images Learn more about Featured Images
  • Display on blog and archives
  • Display on single posts
  • Display on pages
  • Automatically use first image in post

For the following content options, you will need to access the theme Radcliffe 2. Which is a simpler design than Baskerville 2.

Content Options

  • Author Bio
  • Display on single posts [tick]
  • Post Details
  • Display date [tick]
  • Display categories [tick]
  • Display tags [tick]
  • Display author [tick]
  • Display comment link [tick]
  • Featured Images Learn more about Featured Images [tick]
  • Display on blog and archives[tick]
  • Display on single posts [tick]
  • Display on pages [tick]
  • Automatically use first image in post [tick]

How you create folders to store information?

(1) Click on customise and you will see the website on your right.

(2) click on an element at the front of your website such as ‘Homepage’ and then shift – click and this will appear [example]:

  • Customizing ▸ Menus Primary
  • Menu Name
  • Page The UKIP Wiltshire Organised Event Edit menu item: (no label) (Page)
  • Custom Link Homepage Edit menu item: Homepage (Custom Link)


Navigation Label


  • Page (Invalid)Edit menu item: (Invalid) (Page)
  • Page Chairman and Committee Edit menu item: (no label) (Page)
  • Page Media Edit menu item: (no label) (Page)
  • Page Petitions Edit menu item: (no label) (Page)
  • Page Your MEPs Edit menu item: (no label) (Page)

Now add folders or delete them as you wish.  Remember, every time you want something saved click on ‘Publish’ to change it to ‘Published’

How you write information to store in these folders?

Come out of customer – top left arrow pointing left.

Click on site pages.

Click on ‘Add’

Click on the folder that says Front Page (Radcliffe 2 setting) and then the three dots – edit.

You can now write something for the front of the website (periodically click on view website to see what is happening).

You need to link this page of writing to the website by making sure that the title is the same as the name of the folder.

Do the same and write something for the other folders on your website.

Don’t forget to connect your website to Facebook and Twitter

Under ‘configure, click on ‘Sharing’

 Personalise

 Configure

Then you see both Facebook and Twitter icons – follow the instructions.

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